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Math expression(string) calculator  v.1.0

calculate math expression(string), for example:double ret = Cal("1+2"), ret= Cal("Pi+ln(e)+f(x,y)x++0+1"). Features

Desktop Expression Calculator  v.1.5

Desktop Expression calculator is a free calculator for solving arithmetic expressions.

SAT Math II Calculator  v.1.0

A simple C++ calculator for the SAT II Math subject test.

Jep Java - Math Expression Parser  v.3

Jep is a Java package for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions. It currently supports user defined variables, constants, and functions. The open-source Jep project was halted in favor of commercial development of version 3.0

Calculator Prompter  v.2.2

Calculator Prompter is a math expression calculator. Calculator Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results. With Calculator Prompter you can enter the whole expression, including brackets, and operators.

AceIT Calculator  v.2.0

AceIT Calculator - PocketPC Edition, like its desktop counterpart, is also a FREE, comprehensive, easy to use expression calculator, featuring a unique workspace where you can directly enter your expressions to be evaluated. It has similar

MagicPlot Calculator  v.1.1

MagicPlot Calculator is a free expression calculator from MagicPlot graphing application.

Calc Prompter  v.2.2

Calc Prompter is an expression calculator. You can evaluate expressions like -(+(-1 23 + 567,787%5 + 8976.123123 + 34 ^ 2)#3) * (-1,23419 ) Calc Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results: - Paste operator

ICalculator  v.2.0

iCalculator is a smart and reliable two-line expression calculator that allows you to easily type in calculations the way they are written and then a function replay will let you edit them for any

Foreval  v.1.0

Foreval is compiler of mathematical expressions (formulas) (directly to FPU x86) given as string at run-time. (dll library and delphi component) For fast and exact scientific calculations.(math parser,math expression parser,evaluate formula,

Forevalz  v.1.0

ForevalZ - compiler of mathematical expressions(formulas)(directly in FPU x86) with complex numbers given as string at 'run-time'. (dll library and delphi component)(math parser, math expression parser, evaluate formula, evaluator,

LiquidMath  v.1.0

Currently, this project consists of a pure java math expression parser optimized for repeated evaluation. Development of an interactive 3D math visualization application based on this parser is planned for the

MathExpression  v.0.7.2

The fast, flexible, extensible, and easy to use C++ template class for creating your own customized math expression parser for both built-in and user-defined numerical data types. The parsed tree perform fast and can be used in multi-threaded OpenMP

TurboPower SysTools  v.4.04.2011.09.08

SysTools is a library of utility routines & classes for Borland Delphi, C++Builder, & environments that support COM. It includes 1-D & 2-D bar codes, sorting, money routines, logging, high-precision math, a run-time math expression analyzer, & much

Expression4J  v.0.03

Expression4J (Math Expression Parser) is a java framework used to manage mathematic expression stored in String object like "f(x,b)=2*x-cos(b)" or "g(x,y)=f(y,x)*-2". Expression gramar can be define by user (add new operator or type ...)

Java's Calculator  v.New

Java's Calculator is a simple, easy-to-use and accessible instrument that allows you to perform various math calculations. You can use this software to perform multiplications, subtractions, additions and divisions in no time at all.

Skipp Calculator  v.2.0

Skipp Calculator is designed to be a handy, accessible and easy-to-use calculation instrument. The application resembles a real calculator. Now you can use this simple tool to perform various math operations in no time at all.

HEXelon MAX calculator  v.6.07

HEXelon MAX - free scientific calculator, converter units, currency.

Romaco Calculator  v.1.1.0

Everyone needs a calculator. Romaco Calculator will provide every user with the ideal tool to perform basic calculations. Users need to be aware that whereas Romaco Calculator does not support decimal input, it can create them when displaying the

Calculation Suite  v.1.0

Calculation Suite is a simple and accessible piece of software that lets you quickly learn your times table. Also included in the app is an accessible, handy and easy-to-use calculator. You can now perform various math operations in no time at

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